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2019 Hürtgen Forest MIA Search Mission

Soldiers slowly make their way through the frozen Hürtgen Forest

The Battle of the Hürtgen Forest (German: Schlacht im Hürtgenwald) was a lengthy series of engagements just east of the German-Belgian border between the American military and the German forces from 19 September to February 1945. It remains the longest single battle the United States Army has ever fought in.  In an area of 54 square miles (roughly two and a half times the size of Manhattan), the Americans sustained an appalling casualty rate. Between the ferocity of the fight, the difficult terrain and the onset of winter, the forest was a place straight out of Hell for those who had to fight there. Of those, no fewer than 210 remain unaccounted for. 

While the US government agency tasked with recovering the missing has had many of the fallen listed as "Active Pursuit", few soldiers have been accounted for from this battle since the 1950s aside from those previously buried as unidentified (referred to as "X-cases" in government parlance). We seek to find those men whose remains still rest on the battlefield and allow them to be returned to their families and communities.  Given the price they paid for their country, we owe them nothing less.

In late August 2019, we plan to put a team of at least six persons and one human remains detection dog on the ground in the Hürtgen Forest and attempt to locate as many of the fallen as possible.  Funding and donations of equipment and supplies permitting, we may be able to put a team of 36 persons into the field.  The mission will last two weeks.  The more team members we can put on site, the larger the area we can cover and the greater the potential number of missing that can be located.

We count on your support, be it as donors or as volunteers, to make this happen. Those who support our mission but are unable to accompany us on the trip are asked to consider sponsoring a team member (such as a student) who might not otherwise get to take part. This is a great opportunity for businesses, community organizations and churches to show their support for our military.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 


The Hürtgen Forest today

Photo courtesy of W. B. Wilson (Wikipedia)

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