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What We Do

Upcoming Fieldwork

The Kolibri Forensics team during a skeletal recovery training exercise in April 2019

The volunteers of Kolibri Forensics practicing their excavation and remains recovery skills during a training exercise in April 2019 (Please note: the skeleton is a replica)

We are in the planning and preparation stage for several cases we are planning to pursue in 2020:

1) Recovery of two Civil Air Patrol members who were lost in an aircraft crash while serving our country during World War II (Tentative Date: January 2020).

2) A search of portions of the northern Adriatic Sea for several missing United States Army Air Force pilots and aircrew including a Tuskegee Airman and the pilots of two P-47s built in Evansville, Indiana where Kolibri has its headquarters. (Tentative Date: March 2020)  

3) Search and recovery operations focused upon a World War II era training aircraft lost in a lake in Canada.  The two pilots, one Australian and one Canadian, remain unaccounted for and we are seeking to remedy that. (Tentative Date: June 2020)

5) A mission to locate a civilian aircraft missing in the Great Lakes with seven persons- a couple and their five young children-- unaccounted for.  Our goal is return them to their family after being lost for nearly fifty years. (Tentative Date: August 2020)

6) A search in portions of the Tyrrhenian Sea off Italy to locate and recover the remains of several World War II pilots and aircrew including two Tuskegee Airmen. (Tentative Date: September 2020)

If you would like to help make these missions possible, please consider making a donation

If your company would like to become a partner in or sponsor of our work-- or if you would like to fund a mission-- to bring the missing home, please contact our development officer, Chris Petrakos