SEASON 1, EPISODE 1: The Sodder Family "Disappearance"

A Christmas 1945 house fire in West Virginia has led to a story involving the alleged disappearance of five children. A former deputy coroner and forensic scientist reviews the evidence of the case to see if the mythology stands up to the critical application of forensic science. 

SEASON 1, EPISODE 2: The Isdal Woman

An unidentified woman whose burned body was found in 1970 in the hills outside of Bergen, Norway has become the focus of much speculation and even accusations of Cold War spy drama.  What does the evidence actually indicate? Was she murdered? Was it a tragic case of suicide? Will we ever know who the Isdal Woman really was?

Season 2, Episode 1: Cause, Manner and Mechanism of Death- What's the Difference?

S2E1 Cause Manner and Mechanism of Death