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Forensic Search and Recovery

Kolibri Forensics in Indianapolis, Indiana specializes in conducting search and recovery operations for missing people and aircraft.  We also have personnel experienced in forensic identification. The team behind our nonprofit organization is comprised of highly skilled and well-trained volunteers who use their expertise to help you solve your case.

We will work closely with local law enforcement and medicolegal authorities (such as the coroner or medical examiner) to assure that the highest standards are adhered to in the search, recovery, identification and repatriation of the missing or fallen.

Consulting Research and Development

We currently provide contract research and development services related to:
-Forensic search and recovery

-Aquatic forensics

-Injury biomechanics- the "how and why" of injuries

-Crash survivability- the science behind improving survival rates from       vehicle and aircraft crashes and lessening injury frequency and 

    severity among survivors

-Related matters

Education and Training

We can provide training and experiential exercises related to search and recovery. 

For primary and secondary school teachers, we offer presentations on forensic science and can help develop lesson plans to help keep your students interested and involved in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). 
Engine from a sunken aircraft from WWII