Missing Aircraft Searches

Missing aircraft comprise a percentage of missing persons cases that would surprise many people.  With the 2014 disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370), numerous news articles appeared purporting to provide a complete list of every missing aircraft.  However, most only focused on airliners and aircraft carrying famous people so the numbers the public is aware of are only a fraction of the total.  

The simple fact is that there is no single conclusive list of missing aircraft.  None.  Zip. Zilch. Zero.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is mistaken.  Kolibri volunteers have spent the past three years trying to compile a list that gets as close to possible to achieving that but yet there is still a long way to go before the task is completed.  The list at present (updated: 22 August 2017) contains 792 cases involving approximately 6294 persons who were not recovered and returned to their families.  That is likely only roughly a quarter of the persons missing from military and civilian aircraft losses.

To put that in some scale....a British Airways Boeing 747-400 "jumbo jet" contains 299 seats.  The number of missing persons our organization has on the list so far would fill TWENTY-ONE of these huge aircraft.  That is over half of the 747s in British Airways fleet (41 in case anyone is interested).  Imagine for a second if someone said that there we twenty-one missing 747s.  Someone should go look for them right?  Of course! 

While the cases we are looking at involve far fewer people per incident, they are no less important to the families or friends of the missing.  That is why we are seeking these aircraft and their occupants.  Everyone deserves to come home.  It is just, right and proper that we seek these individuals. 

We need your help and support to make this happen.


Case #        Approximate Location           # of Victims          Decade           Stage

2017-01      Southern Lake Michigan        3                             1980s              Sonar search

2018-01      Newfoundland, Canada          5                             1940s              Planning

2018-02     South Central Wisconsin        1                             1970s               Research

2018-03     Western Lake Michigan          4                             1970s               Research

2018-04     Western Lake Michigan          1                              1970s               Research

2018-05     Southern Lake Michigan        1                              1970s               Research

2018-06     Southern Lake Michigan        1                              1960s              Research

2018-07      Eastern Lake Michigan           3                             1960s              Research

2018-08      Southern Ohio                        2                              1980s              Research

2018-09      Eastern Lake Michigan          5                              1980s              Research

2018-10       Eastern Lake Michigan          2                              1990s              Research

2018-11        Western Lake Michigan         1                              1980s              Research

2018-12        Eastern Lake Michigan          1                              1990s              Research

2018-13        Northern Lake Michigan       4                             1960s              Research

2018-14        Western Lake Michigan         2                             1970s               Research

2018-15        Northern Lake Michigan       1                              2000s             Research

2018-16        Northern Lake Michigan       4                             1990s              Research

2018-17         Northern Lake Michigan       1                             1970s               Research

2018-18         Northern Lake Michigan       1                             1990s              Research

2018-19         Lake Erie                                  4                            1960s              Research

2018-20        Lake Erie                                  1                             1980s              Research

2018-21         Lake Erie                                  1                             1980s              Research

2018-22        Lake Erie                                  1                             1990s              Research

2018-23        Lake Huron                              1                            1970s               Research

Note: Identifying details are withheld in order to protect the crash sites from looters out of respect for the victims and their families.  It should also be pointed out that disturbing a crash site that you know or should have known to contain human remains is a felony in many jurisdictions unless you have permission of the local coroner, medical examiner or other agency with jurisdiction. 

If you would like to volunteer to help with any of these cases, please contact us.  

Your support for our efforts means the difference between someone being found and someone being lost forever.